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You know that personalization is the key to driving profitable sales. The big question is what does it look like and how do you measure it. We create a clear vision of personalized marketing for your digital team, relying on the technology that you already have at your disposal. Then we work with your stakeholders to execute and watch your loyalty sales grow.

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Is your marketing team bogged down in minor details? Fixing email links, resizing creative, building coupon codes, pulling and re-formatting reports that make little sense, and dealing with the endless quirks of B2B software? We take away the day-to-day execution headaches so that your team can focus on strategy.


For the Platform that Fits Your Restaurant Best

We provide strategic solutions for restaurants using any loyalty platform such as Salesforce, Session M, Cheetah Digital, Epsilon, and more. We specialize in campaign execution exclusively on the platforms that are targeted for the restaurant industry.



  • Loyalty and CRM Strategy
    Are you deciding what loyalty program type is best for your restaurant brand? Looking to choose the optimal platform partner? Feel like your CRM program is underutilizing the available customer data? We’ve seen these problems across restaurant brands large and small, and have a library of proven solutions to help.
  • Diagnostic for Underperforming Programs
    Do you feel like your program is not reaching its full promise? Do your offers to loyal guests lead to incremental spending, or are they simply discounting their normal behaviors? Is your base program providing the right incentives? We will run a professional assessment and show you the improvement opportunities.
  • Segmentation Strategy
    Segmentation of your guest database allows you to understand the needs of your loyal guests and serve them better. Segmentation Strategy takes this knowledge and converts it into an actionable communication approach. We will come up with a few hypotheses, then run a series of test-and-learn campaigns with control groups for accountability. Once we understand how your users tend to behave, we will finalized the strategic segmentation approach.
  • Campaign Execution In-Platform
    Loyalty and CRM platforms are user-friendly enough to be managed by your in-house digital marketers. When the complexity and velocity of campaigns increase, it becomes difficult to execute the campaigns on time. We take the execution off your teams’ hands, allowing you to focus on strategy, content, creative and partnetships.
  • Program Implementation and Migration
    Implementation of a brand new loyalty program can be surprisingly time-consuming. Some elements require specialized expertise, many are unplanned project management and coordination exercises between your IT staff, creative agency, POS team, web designer and many others. Program migrations are riddled with trade-offs and potential for user dissatisfaction. We’ve done it before. We are here to help manage both.
  • Strategic Marketing Technology Integration for CRM Systems
    Marketing tech stacks are getting increasingly more complex. An average mid-size restaurant chain uses over two dozen different marketing tech tools, all with potential for integration and always with some overlapping functionality. We help you understand which tools should be integrated, where do you have redundancy, and how can you streamline the stack to achieve your goals. Then, we can help to project manage the changes.
  • Management and Training of In-House Professionals
    Your team members are ready to execute, but there isn’t enough time to provide them with solid direction. Your people who need training or handholding through the first couple of cycles of campaigns before they feel comfortable in their roles. Often, they know what they want to accomplish, but are having trouble configuring the CRM tool to deliver the results they expect. We work alongside your new team members and support them until they are ready to be independent in their CRM manager roles.
Ollo Consult

We help optimize loyalty programs and build personalized, segmented marketing for your restaurant brand.

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