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How Do Hungry People Decide Where To Eat, and What Does Loyalty Have To Do With it?  

Ever wondered what consumer loyalty really means? McKinsey and Co solved this with the revolutionary Loyalty Loop model.  What does the restaurant consumer decision-making look like, and how does loyalty play into it? Download our Mealtime Decision Journey™ and fit the puzzle pieces together. 

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Dunkin’ Customers Lash Out Over New Loyalty Program

Dunkin'​ has been in the news a lot lately with the backlash over the change in the loyalty program. Olga Lopategui, Founder of Restaurant Loyalty Specialists, had a chance to speak to Joe Guszkowski at Restaurant Business Online with her take on the change. "It's the right thing for the business. The previous program was an outlier in terms of how generous it was - my estimate is over 10% return to guest, maybe even 12% at times. Lower return on the base program gives the marketing team a lot more flexibility in how to incentivize guests that need a little push to transact. (People who are whining on Reddit historically haven't needed that additional push - they are super-frequent already.) Yep, it's not an improvement for most super-frequent guests. However, the Dunkin'​ team did everything by the book for risk mitigation, and pre-loading the accounts of frequent users with one-time freebies to sweeten the pill is exactly what I would have recommended doing."

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"The change allows them to have a lot more room in the loyalty program for surprise and delight and other benefits they can use in the way that they want to drive the business.”


Listen to Olga's point of view on building restaurant loyalty in guest appearances on leading industry platforms.

Redefining Loyalty: From Points & Discounts to Understanding Your Customer

The Science of Loyalty
with Olga Lopategui

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Fireside Chat: Answering Your Customer Loyalty Questions

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Ep 58: Olga Lopategui / Founder of Restaurant Loyalty Specialists & Email & Loyalty Marketing Maven



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